North American Team Racing Champion: PUR PUERTO RICO

2nd PLACE: AHO (Netherlands Antilles)

3rd PLACE: SIN (Singapore)


The Team Championship was held in the Caracasbaai, right next to a public beach. The beach was crowded with local people and supporters of the countries. The second mark was only 30 meter from shore and the finish another 20 meters further. The atmosphere was great and all countries passing were cheered up. The last five countries left over were Peru, Trinidad, Netherlands Antilles and Singapore, all with one lost race and Puerto Rico that had not lost a race yet. Trinidad met Singapore and AHO met Peru, the reigning South American Champion. Both Peru and Trinidad were eliminated from the championship with a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd. Still a great performance of Trinidad, who entered the Team Racing as 16th qualifier. Congratulations to Peru, that showed once again to be the best South American country. Trinidad and Peru share 4th and 5th position. All people present raised a light torch for cheer.

The next race was SIN – AHO. The host country was the sure loser. At least that was the expectation. The race started and an X-flag was hoisted. SIN returned to the start, but the flag stayed up. Who started early was unclear to the public. AHO sailed nicely to a first and second, but found SIN in 3rd, 4th, 5th. Ard van Aanholt AHO team Captain was near the finishing boat in 6th position while brother Just was in 8th just after SIN. Then Ard blocked SIN to let Just pass. AHO had the better scores, but who was the mysterious early starter. The calculation started and after some scary moments the host nation started screaming of excitement. They had beaten the seemingly unbeateble, SIN.  Ard, who made his brother pass turned out the be the OCS. AHO won by only one point.

The first final between PUR and AHO was an easy win for PUR. Also the second race seemed easy for PUR. Although AHO was in 1st and 2nd, PUR totally controlled 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. Until thrirty meters before the finish. The two AHO leaders stopped and created a mess just before the finish line and managed to move the two last AHO sailors one place up. The starting vessel had already take the anchor up as they were convinced AHO would be slaughtered by PUR. The anchor had to be dropped another time as third and final race had to be raced to give the decision. Again AHO took the first two spots, but great PUR teamwork kept the two other AHO sailors back and PUR won the race by the tie breaker. 1,2, 7 and 8 loses from 3,4,5 and 6. PUR won the title like they did in Mexico last year as well. A job well done by team PUR: Ivan Aponte, Ramon Gonzalez, Juanky Perdomo, Raul Rios, Fernando Monllor and coach Gonzalo “Bocha” Pollitzer. The progress coach Martin Jenkins achieved with te AHO team is amazing. Alen Kustic, IODA course representative and best flashlight PRO said:” Last year in Mexico the AHO team hardly qualified and see what the Curacao kids from this little island of 140.000 inhabitants have achieved in only one year”


more team racing pictures

PUR, ISV, SIN, ARG, AHO,USA, BRA, PER, DOM, ECU, BER, NZL, CHI, VEN, MEX  en TRI qualified for Team Racing on Wednesday, July 2nd.

  Country teamscore
1 PUR 76
2 ISV 157
3 SIN 185
4 ARG 194
5 AHO 197
6 USA 277
7 BRA 305
8 PER 382
9 DOM 394
10 ECU 418
11 BER 428
12 NZL 444
13 CHI 669
14 VEN 678
15 MEX 685
16 TRI 689
17 NED 830
18 GUA 841
19 CAN 929
20 COL 984
21 IVB 1111