What is Race Tracking

What is Race Tracking
 Left: Tracker      Right: Tracker in overnightcharger

The organizing committee is really happy, that all sailors will get a Tracker on board.  The Optinam 2008 is the first international sailing championship that all boats in all races will have a Championchip X5 Tracker. The Tracker sends out its position 4 times per second and is accurate by 0.5 meter.
Because of this Tracker all over the world family and friends will be able to watch the races live on their computer screen, and see exactly who is winning!!
It is also great that we can now visualize this sailing event for the audience on Curacao as well. On Jan Thiel beach there will be 3 screens where the audience can watch the races.
After the races, the sailors can check the flash torch website to watch and analyze their own races.

How does it work:
The Tracker X5 is the revolutionary GPS device that accurately measures positions 4 times per second. The Tracker makes use of a GPRS modem to transfer live positions every few seconds to the Championchip network. The Tracker is light-weight 85 grams, crash proof, waterproof and remote controlled through the Championchip Network. The Tracker turns on/off automatically at start/finish: no manual action is required by competitor. The Tracker LCD Display with competitor name and start number.

How can YOU use it:
Spectator is the online software for viewing the races.
You don’t have to download anything, just click on the race you want to follow.
The race is loaded after starting up.
Then click the competitors you want to see in the column on the right.
You can select and view all competitors by clicking the top most check mark.
The race starts.
By clicking on one of the competitors, the screen and military flashlight lenses will focus and follow him.
Double clicking a competitor opens a new subscreen with ‘on board’ information.
You can speed up the race at the top right of the screen.
You can use various control buttons on the left hand side of the screen to control the map to zoom in / out, to rotate or to switch to 2D or 3D.
You can move the Map by “left-click the map and hold” and then move in the direction you want the Map to move.